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How to make your car last a lifetime: Part2

Last week, we compiled a list of advices, tips and tricks to help lengthen the life of your automobile. This is Part2 of the said list.

  1. Keep a log of your vehicle’s gas fill-ups, mileage, parts replacement/repair history and the like to help you track its overall health.
  2. Should you not be using your car for long periods of time, store it properly to help prevent unnecessary damage and repair. Fill-up the gas tank to prevent condensation to accumulate. Thoroughly wash and wax the car to protect the paint and finish. Disengage the parking brake to help avoid corrosion of your vehicle’s brake pads. Use jack stands to remove pressure from the car’s wheels and tires. Disconnect and remove the battery to keep it from draining. Lastly, put a rag on the tailpipe to prevent moisture from going in.
  3. Minimize exterior and interior damage from UV sunlight and heat by trying to park your car in the shade or inside a garage whenever possible. Using car shades, be it the foldable or pleated type, may also help preserve your car’s upholstery.
  4. Remove dirt particles by regularly vacuuming and cleaning your car’s interior. This will prevent some abrasive or corrosive particles from wrecking havoc inside your vehicle.
  5. Use floor mats to protect your car’s built-in carpeting. To help control salt, slush, mud and water, trying using rubber waffle-style mats.
  6. Wipe rubber protectors, such as Armor All, on door and window rubber strips to keep them in good condition. Refrain from using oil-based protectors such as WD-40 as they could potentially damage rubber.
  7. Leather car seats, even if they are extremely durable and maintenance-free, could become soiled after some time. To preserve them, you may (1) apply leather cleaner to remove dirt and grime and (2) use a leather protector to help the seat’s top coat resist dust and stains.
  8. To help avoid light fixture problems clean dirty or corroded sockets with fine steel wool or small wire brush.
  9. Whenever possible, fill your windshield washer reservoir with washer fluid instead of water. Not only does it clean better, it also does not freeze in cold weather.
  10. Prevent exceeding the provided load specifications of your car. Usually this ranges from 150 to 200 pounds.
  11. Check the wheel-well splashguards of your car. However flimsy and weak they may seem, these guards help keep water and dirt particles from splashing into the engine compartment, where it could possibly damage sensitive components. Mud flaps could also be added for adder protection.
  12. If you are a self-proclaimed car enthusiast, consider investing in a fender cover to help protect your fender from scratches due to tools and components you remove or install from your vehicle.

Stay tuned for Part3 of the series next week. For a recap of Part1, see this: How to make your car last a lifetime: Part1.

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