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Interesting Mobile Usage Facts about the Philippines

Last week, the people from Jana, a company centered on mobile marketing in emerging growth markets, ran a series of weekly surveys of over 3,000 mobile phone users in Bangladesh, India, Indoneisa, Pakistan, Philippines and Vietnam to better understand the countries’ mobile phone usage. The results they came up with are pretty interesting. Here is summary:

  1. In the Philippines, 37.86% have owned a web-enabled mobile phones for 6months or less, 15.87% for 12months, 6.69% for 18months, 17.97% for 2years or more, and 21.61% do not own one.
  2. Approximately 50% of Pinoys use apps on their smartphones multiple times a day, while 21.16% says they do not have apps on their devices. The remaining percentage uses apps on their smartphones sparingly.
  3. Of the 50% Pinoys with apps on their smartphones, games, social media and multimedia apps are the most common.
  4. 57.93% of Filipinos own more than one sim card.
  5. Majority, or 46.85% of Filipinos did not notice any significant improvements in internet speeds on their mobile devices, while 36.9% say speeds increased and 16.25% say speeds decreased.
  6. The primary reasons for choosing a mobile operator in the Philippines are: affordability and popularity.

Source: Jana



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