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Fresh from WWDC 2013: Actual Screenshots of iOS 7!

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This morning, Apple held its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) and during the said event, a handful of design improvements and innovation in both software and hardware products of the company were introduced. And probably, of all the announcements made on the two-hour long event, the most notable of them all is Apple’s announcement of the next iteration of its mobile operating system: the iOS 7.

Coming along the new and redesigned iOS 7 is a slew of features and capabilities along with the overhaul of the operating system’s UI. And although the initial release of iOS 7 is still a few months away, Brian Rozen, an iOS developer, just uploaded a number of screenshots from the new beta that was released to the developer community today.

From the screenshots, you can see that indeed, similar to what Apple announced today, the new UI design features a flat and more simplified approach. This gives the OS a much more modern and clean look and feel compared to the current version of iOS.

With quite a long time before the consumer release of iOS 7, a lot can change on the operating system over a few months, although one could safely expect that the overall look and feel of it will be very much the same as the screenshots. What’s interesting, though, is how people would be reacting to the shift in design philosophy and functionality of iOS and whether these changes would bring about good or bad results to Apple. For now, all we could simply do is wait.

Source: Brian Rozen




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