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Scientist Discovers New Body Part!

Ladies and gentlemen, let us all welcome, the newest addition to the human anatomy: Dua’s layer.

The new ocular part sits at the back of the cornea and was discovered by Harminder Dua, Professor of Ophthalmology at the University of Nottingham. Only 15microns thick, the said body part is nearly invisible to the human eye. Nevertheless, according to the professor, it entails big implications in further understanding the human body.

You see, before, scientists know about five corneal layers. However, with the help of an electron microscope, Dua’s team were able to discover the said new body part by separating the layers of the cornea. A similar procedure is also used on surgery patients.

“From a clinical perspective, there are many diseases that affect the back of the cornea which clinicians across the world are already beginning to relate to the presence, absence or tear in this layer,” explains Dua in the journal of Ophthalmology.

As such, better understanding the cornea’s anatomy through the discovery of the Dua’s layer will enable scientist and researchers all over the world in curing the diseases related to it.

Source: Mashable



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