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Why buy a sports car?

Just recently, we talked about why should you opt for a manual transmission compared to an automatic one. Now, we tackle another important issue one faces when one finally decides to ditch his/her old ride to swap for a new one: should I buy that sports car I’ve long been drooling for?

To help you out, we give you four compelling reasons why you should buy that sports car you’ve been dreaming about.

Phenomenal Driving Experience

With sports cars primarily built for speed and acceleration, it is in their DNA that they are just downright fun to drive. Partly this is due to the light but durable materials used in manufacturing these vehicles, bust most of the time, this is brought about by the insanely huge and fast engines they install under the hood. With V6 and V8 engines common to most sports cars, you are surely going to have fun cornering and speeding on the highways with these cars. Of course, when doing so, do take note of the speed limit and traffic regulations on the area for everybody’s safety.

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More Bragging Rights

Admit it. For most of us, this one is arguably one of the primary reasons for getting a sports car. What’s a better way of getting attention and making a statement than driving around in a Ferrari that packs 400 horses under the hood. More importantly, for guys out there, having a sports car adds a gazillion more pogi points to your overall appeal.

Sheer Beauty and Appeal

These days, cars do not only serve as a means to transfer from one place to another. Similar to mobile phones, watches, luxury bags and fancy clothes, cars now serve as a fashion statement and a testament to just how successful and powerful an individual really is. Of course, if you want a better sense of individuality, or if you want to make a lasting good impression to your peers, driving a high-performance vehicle surely does the trick compared to being seen cruising on a Vios or a Corolla. Believe me, I’ve been (and still currently is) there.

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High Resale Value

Depreciation is part and parcel of owning a vehicle. And at the very second you turn the ignition key, your car is just not of the same monetary value as it first rolled out of the factory. As such, sports cars, with their inherent beauty, quality and elegance, are more likely to retain a high resale value than their lesser-gifted peers in the industry. This makes them a very good investment which should provide any owner great return-of-investment down the road. Do take note, however, that there is a flip-side to this as owning and maintaining sports car may also entail higher costs than consumer models.



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