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Snapdragon S4’s Butter Test

Qualcomm is arguably one of the mobile industry’s biggest players when it comes to designing and manufacturing processors for your smartphones and tablets. Their flagship processor line, dubbed Snapdragon S4, is currently powering 31 big-name manufacturer smartphones, most notably the Google Nexus 4, Sony Xperia Z and the Samsung Galaxy S3. That is not to mention the tens if not hundreds of smaller manufacturers such as Starmobile and Cherry Mobile that are boasting processors from the company.


With this vast of a clientele, immense pressure is on Qualcomm to deliver products that allow mobile devices to stay cool even when required to process huge amounts of information and without the use of a fan. Because, obviously, who would want a fan on their brand new droid, right?

Well, to prove that they have the technology and capability to keep up their lead as the world’s baddest processor supplier for mobile devices, Qualcomm has recently released a thermal comparison and, read this, butter benchmark video on YouTube for their Snapdragon S4 processors. The said video features the Snapdragon S4 against two of its competitors in a two-round showdown of which processor is the coolest. It is interesting and entertaining at the same time, with Qualcomm engineers giving you a brief preview of the people behind your beloved gadgets.

Source: Qualcomm



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