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NSFW: The World’s First Kinect Porn

Spanish artist Alejandro Gomez-Arias is one great pioneer. No, he is not a scientist or an industrialist/inventor. Nevertheless, he and his girlfriend have ushered a new era in digital media and film. Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you, the world’s first Kinect Porn.

Using Kinect, which was originally developed for video games, he was able to shoot an explicit yet abstract short film titled Love Is All. His 4:30 long film was recently on display at a popup exhibition in Williamsburg, and features a brief strip tease and a variety of sexual positions between a young couple. However, unlike any other porn you might’ve already watched, this one is pixelated, with only hazes of flesh-colored dots arranged into skeletal polygons giving you the impression that something else is happening on the background. If you know what I mean.

The dots that make up the actors’ bodies are derived from Kinect’s infrared camera, which was originally designed for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 system to allow players to interact with their games by jumping around their living rooms, no controller needed.

Kinect uses a technique called structured light to judge where the player is. The machine projects a known geometric pattern in infrared light on to the area it’s scanning and detects how the pattern deforms when hitting objects in space, calculating depth and distance through a triangulation process in conjunction with a normal camera.

Source: Animal New York


Microsoft mocks Apple in new ad: less talking, more doing

The Mac vs PC wars reignites today as Microsoft takes a hit on the iPad’s multitasking capabilities compared to Windows8-enabled tablets. In a recent ad, the company mockingly uses Siri in an attempt to convince users that not only Windows8 tablets better overall, they are far cheaper as well.

Interested? See the video here.

Alert! Microsoft offers Get2Modern promo for entrepreneurs


Approximately a year from now, Microsoft will finally retire support for its Windows XP and Office 2003 products. For businesses and entrepreneurs, this could signal a problem as important updates, fixes and technical support will no longer be available. In the long run, this could eventually result into security and privacy issues.

To remedy this, Microsoft Philippines has launched the Get2Modern promo. Its aim is to provide a smooth platform for small-to-medium scale businesses to transition to Windows 8 and Office 2013, the company’s next generation products and services.

For more information, you may see the company’s webpage regarding this.

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